BrainSkillsBreaking Through Barriers To Success

Working in close collaboration with over 700 independent educators, doctors, scientists, researchers and other professionals in more than 350 training locations, centers, clinics, schools and hospitals, Dr. Ken Gibson developed a proven training program that has successfully helped over 95,000 students greatly improve their cognitive skills and overcome reading difficulties. This program is called LearningRx. Dr. Gibson is dyslexic, so he understands how weak cognitive skills can make learning harder. He dedicated his life and spent most of his career seeking a solution to help children avoid the learning challenges he faced.

One-on-one training through a brain training center offers the best available training program to improve cognitive skills and unlock learning potential. Learn more at www.learningrx.com for training opportunities in the United States or at www.brainrx.com for training in other countries.

The BrainSkills program is an online product that supplements the one-on-one training at centers around the world.

How do I get BrainSkills?

BrainSkills is purchased as part of a training program at one of our licensed partners. Please click here to contact us.

The Gibson Test of brain skills

Do you know if weak cognitive skills are an issue for yourself or child? Affordable testing is easily accessed at www.gibsontest.com for only $89 per test.

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