Dr. Vernard Gant
Urban School Services Department
Association of Christian Schools International

For over 30 years, I have struggled to find a solution to the plight of under-resourced students for whom the education system just is not working. Despite our country’s best efforts, far too many under-resourced students are being left behind.

When introduced to the Cognitive First approach, assessing and building a strong cognitive skill foundation to empower learning, I knew in my heart that this offers the best hope to save our children. I urge every school to assess their students and when needed, to provide cognitive skill training to ensure every student has a strong foundation for learning.


Dr. Wallace Anderson
School Psychologist
RMCA Charter School

By the end of the first month of the school year we were able to evaluate all of our students on the Gibson Test. This gave us more substantial information on the strengths and weakness of our students than I have ever seen in my 35 years as an educator. Every teacher had immediate access to this information. It was immediately useful to our Special Services people, but also has become a HUGE advantage in the new RTI (Response To Intervention) program.

We use the Woodcock Johnson III tests which take about a day to administer. They provide results which are very similar to the Gibson Test and usually confirm in our minds the quality of the Gibson Test information. The Gibson Test allows us to assess every student quickly and easily to facilitate knowing which students need Tier 2 help under RTI. With BrainSkills help, it is entirely possible that most student academic problems can be fixed at this level.

I think you can see that the Gibson Test and Brainskills have become an important part of our program at RMCA. Please extend our thanks to all the members of your administration for the very significant help your program has become to our school. We predict that many of our students will experience these benefits for a lifetime.


Fran Renk

During February 2010 our school began to test all students second grade through eighth grade. I then met with the teachers to go over the results of the test with them. The teachers felt that it really helped to identify the students’ strengths and weaknesses and confirmed what they had observed while working with each student. I had a meeting with the parents as well; testing helped confirm characteristics they as parents had noted in their children. As a school we were impressed with how accurately the test identified the learning strengths and weaknesses of each child.

Ten children engaged in eleven weeks of Brain Skills training. Although it was hard to evaluate in such a short time, the teacher saw improvement in several of theses students. One student in particular, was severely behind academically. After summer break we are now seeing this student begin improve. This year he says he is beginning to understand what we are trying to teach him.

The School Board has voted to implement this program in our school. The seventh and eighth grades will be participating each year in Brain Skills for one semester. This program will also be used with any student that is identified as having learning difficulties while attending our school.

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