Terms of Use

The Gibson Test and BrainSkills Exercise Program are copyrighted and owned by BrainSkills LLC. The gibsontest.com and BrainSkills.com websites are operated by BrainSkills LLC.

The test results once provided to the test taker may be deleted and not stored.  We intend to provide each customer with sufficient time to access their results. They also may be stored for an indefinite period of time.

Test results may be used along with other test scores in aggregation to develop standards and reports.

The test may only be taken once per paid subscription. The online exercises may only be used by  authorized clients as long as a paid subscription is in force or permission is granted.

The test or online exercises may not be copied and used by anyone for any other purpose.

Test results do not necessarily  diagnose any learning disability. They are used to provide the test  taker with an indication of relative cognitive skill levels compared to others who have taken the test. Results from subsequent tests may  indicate a change in skill level.

Use of the online exercises does not guarantee that the user will improve her/his cognitive skills. We  do know that improvement is typically correlated to diligent and  consistent practice as defined on the website. Generally, a student must actively engage in playing the exercises one hour per day, five days  per week for a minimum of 12 weeks to gain benefit.

If use of the Gibson Test or  BrainSkills Exercise Program cause any concern or discomfort,  please discontinue use and we will provide a full refund if notified in a timely manner. Parents are responsible to observe their children using the test or program to ensure compliance and to discontinue use if they feel either program is not right for their child.

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